Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Grade "A" Blogging

It's time for us to decide what a good grading thingie would be for our class, so says Bud.
I don't have any definite ideas in my head for what constitutes a good grade, but I can think of some general ones- Class Participation and Online Participation.
I don't know what else we could have asked from this class, seing as this wasn't so much a learning thing as much as a research thing.
He'll probably ask us to do something at the end, like a reflection on our experiences during this quarter in the blogsphere, an essay on how blogging can be used in the classroom, and maybe some sort of farewell(temporary or not) to the educational blogsphere. Whether or not the district accepts the blogging proposal as a portfolio system, I won't post to this blog for the summer. After all, I have my personal blog to look after.
Oh whoops, am I journaling?