Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Rules and Stuff

Our class began to experiment with Wikis, ours being here.
Because of the rules, I really shouldn't post to my personal blog. The reason is, because we are experimenting with this, our school district doesn't want to be known in case we screw up somehow. I'd never reveal our district, my name, or school, but I took the links down to set a good example for my classmates.
It's kind of a shame- I think I do my best blogging on my personal one.

Anyway, Bud asked us to answer some questions.
3. What are some reasons why you think blogs might be useful at school?
I think that blogs would be useful for displaying student work, and, if the student feels the need to, post links relating to it.

5. Should student blogs be made public for the world to see, or just that schools community?
If the student knows that anyone can see their work, and said work is posted willingly, I see no reason not to allow their blogs to be publicly visible.

Those are really the only ones I have opinions about.