Thursday, April 21, 2005


This is education-oriented, so I felt it belonged here.

One of the few things I hate about school is the essay. There's nothing wrong with an essay itself, but often, these essays have extremely strict guidelines and questions that we have to answer and pad out to the required length. In my Film & Compostion class, we were required to write an essay on the techniques of filmmaking and the thesis that Morgan Spurloc had for Supersize Me, his documentary about McDonalds.
I felt I had adequately answered most (or all) of the questions, and had done so in my own writing style, with my sense of sarcasm. However, I got a C.
My real frustration is that when I followed my essay guide to the T, It began to come out in a robotic, monotone way.

When I can't be as creative as I want to, I feel like my work is being stifled for being different, and that I can't have my individual writing style.