Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Bud posted some questions for us to answer:

1. Why do you use blogs? What do you currently use blogs for outside of school (If you do)?
A:First of all, Bud, PLEASE DO NOT PUT TWO QUESTIONS IN ONE. That annoys me to no end. Secondly, I just use my blog to post random stuff. Whatever I feel like posting.
2. What are some reasons why you think blogs might be useful at our school?
A:It might be a good way to post some stuff we're proud of, rather than the current portfolio system, where our work just sits in a box.
3. What are some potential problems that you see with blogging at school?
A:Access might be a problem, since the server and other components of the system may have problems from time to time.
4. Should student blogs be made public for the world to see, or just our school community?
A:Because the student chooses everything that they want to put in their portfolio, I think that they should be viewable by everyone in the world.