Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blahg, part duex

In response to my teacher's post here:
Well, to me, blogging has it's own way of doing things. I can post whatever! I can post anything! I choose not to post just ANYTHING, I post whatever I think is important to more than just me, and my opinions- I post things that I think are worth sharing, at least such is the case on my personal blog(link removed due to rules).

I think, as many have said, that blogging is special, in that I can post things and give information in a link, so anyone can follow what I'm saying without having to ask me for background information(as long as I have already provided it). I think that the ability to get a story or something else of interest on a blog while getting the honest opinion of someone who doesn't have the constraints of needing to be PC(I choose to be PC... Mostly). This allows people to find views of someone similar to them, and maybe find things that they might enjoy, or also have opinions about.

Our whole blogging class excursion started as a way for our school and school district to research the uses of blogging in the classroom, mostly as a way to display schoolwork in a portfolio system, for possible employers to view.

If this post and the comments on Bud's blog are any indications, then the educational blogsphere may soon have all of it's eyes turned on us. It may be up to us, the students, to decide the place of blogs in the schools.

I feel like I'm part of something.

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Edit:Will Richardson blogged about our blogging.